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For Dealers

Selling vehicles quickly and reliable in the B2B segment.

In the “Public Sale” all registered buyers in total can see the vehicles which are placed in “Public Sale” and bid.

In the “Private Sale” you decide which consumer groups are allowed to bid at your own “private” auction site. As a seller you decide which buyers you want to invite.

Your Benefits

  • Avoid long period of vehicles in your stock.
  • No unnecessarily tied up capital
  • Selling focused on the target group
  • Our low-cost structure guarantees the most favourable conditions
  • Expand your customer base
  • Raise profit even with small quantities
  • Public Sale at a fixed price and low handling fee for the exclusive Private Sale

We are happy to present to you the possibilities of a fast entry into a completely new world of B2B trade.

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The B2B Auction Exchange for Used Vehicles

Decide how you want to sell your vehicles in B2B auctions. In “Public Sale” or in “Private Sale”

The new auction market for used vehicles


Offer vehicles to all FCM24 known buyers


In “Public Sale”, sellers and buyers have the opportunity to trade vehicles in an open procedure. These vehicles can be viewed in the public offering area on FCM24 and reach the largest possible target group.

For buyers, this offers the opportunity to quickly and easily find the vehicle of your choice.


exclusive bidder circle


In private sale, sellers and buyers have the opportunity to trade vehicles in a closed procedure.

These vehicles do not appear in the public offering section and are only visible to approved buyers.

For Buyers

As a buyer you will be invited exclusively by your dealer to his auction platform on FCM24.

Your favorite dealer has not invited you yet? Or he does not know about FCM24 yet?

Talk to your dealer about FCM24. You will have a completely new experience in buying attractive used vehicles in the B2B market!

As a buying dealer, you have the opportunity to bid on all vehicles available in the “Public Sale” . In addition, a trusted dealer can invite you to their exclusive “Private Sale” , to which only a few buyer are allowed.

And all without monthly fixed costs. We only charge a small processing fee for the purchase in the “Public Sale” .

Additional services

  • Transport brokerage.
  • Reliable verification of dealers from abroad.

Selling vehicles | made easy

Three types of distribution

You can choose between three types of distribution:

  • Auction
  • BuyItNow
  • Best Offer

You can determine the time by yourself. Of course, these work both in the “public sale” as well as in the “private sale”.

We are also pleased to announce a future fourth type of distribution: “Auto24”.

The advantages

  • Fast

  • Secure

  • Extremely cheap

  • Revision Safe

  • According to your rules