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We first learned how to sell cars, then learned how to buy cars, then we learned how to clean cars. We have learned how to present cars on smaller, as on a large stage.

We have also learned that there are problems, and sometimes the solution is found somewhere else, sometimes the solution is not important, but the solution pathway.

And FirstCarMarket24 has made what it is today. A revolutionary solution for the trade in used vehicles in the B2B segment, because there were far too many problems. Expensive structures, windy business partners, lame infrastructure solutions that were actually none at all.

We have taken this problem, and today we are proud to present FCM24, your individual vehicle exchange for the B2B trade, with a small team of internal and external helpers.

Trade cost-effectively, quickly, easily, reliably and with revision security with your used or find exactly the used ones, which are still missing you.

Here we present the core team of FirstCarMarket24 GmbH:

About us

Joachim Cloppenburg
Joachim CloppenburgFounder | CEO
Has sold cars first, then groomed. So first the problems, then recognized the solutions.

First car: Pontiac Sunbird

Markus Schatzl
Markus SchatzlCDO | Distribution + Training
Has washed cars first and then conquered the world.
You can not ask for a better contact.

First car: Taxi

Bashkim Meka
Bashkim MekaCIO | Development + Support
Has sold the car of his father and bought the first Azure license.
Is the master of the data highway. Speaks German better than all the others combined.

First car: VW Polo

Sebastian Maier-Hallard
Sebastian Maier-HallardCMO | Marketing + Communications
His first word was “Auto” – in French.
Can not think of anything else since then.

First car: Golf II Syncro atlasgrau-metallic